Since 1965, IBC has been manufacturing flat wire, flexible aluminum conduit, and connectors. Our success in these product lines is due to our innovative technical abilities, high-quality standards, and exceptional customer service. 


Technical Abilities 

All our products are manufactured on machinery that is designed, built, and maintained in-house. Our engineering capabilities allow IBC to continually improve our quality and productivity. This efficiency enables IBC to offer our products at very competitive prices.

Our in-house abilities give us the flexibility to custom tailor products for our customers as well as engineer new products. We welcome any challenges to create new value-added products that improve our customers' production processes and reduce their costs.



IBC is an ISO 9001:2015 company. IBC utilizes a complete quality program that covers everything from our raw material through production to final packaging and shipping. This program supports continuous process improvement. Customers can be confident that every product is produced to meet their most demanding specifications.

During manufacturing and testing, our expert personnel provide the experience necessary to keep quality at its highest. Low turnover and high morale combine to create an environment where quality flourishes. This combination of experienced personnel, advanced testing equipment, and statistical techniques ensure the highest quality possible.